A few well-chosen trinkets can transform an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. Decorative accessories add the final flourish to your interior design, imbuing character and individuality into the rooms of your home.

Vases, mirrors, photo frames, flowerpots, candlesticks, clocks, bowls and other ornaments invite you to experiment with detail, texture, scale, symmetry and composition, creating a space that expresses your unique personality.

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It’s great to know that we have so many happy customers; it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside!

Customer reviews are of utmost importance to us; the feedback we receive from our shoppers helps our small business improve and grow.


Textiles bring elegance, warmth and cosiness to the rooms of your home. Soft furnishings, such as cushions, blankets, throws and bedspreads, made from plush fabrics like linen, velvet, cotton, wool, satin or suede juxtapose hard surfaces and soften a minimalist or industrial home interior.

Luxury Quality

It’s important to us that the products we stock are of exceptional quality - we never put our name to anything cheaply mass-produced.

Monocrhome stylists carefully consider the function, raw materials, workmanship and overall finish of each and every product, as well as the design ethos and brand values of the manufacturer.

If we don’t love it, we don’t stock it. It’s that simple.


Furniture is about form as much as function. Seating needs to be comfortable as well as stylish; cabinets and shelving need to provide savvy storage solutions as well as surfaces on which to accessorise with lamps, vases, candles, ornaments and photo frames; and tables must give a focal point within a room as well as being practical and suitable for everyday use.

The best furniture layouts are those which include pieces from a variety of brands. Monocrhome bring you iconic contemporary furniture that has been expertly crafted by designers and makers from across the globe.

Iconic Design

We’re deeply passionate about classic design; sourcing authentic products ― made from premium materials like marble, velvet, solid oak and suede ― that have timeless aesthetic and top quality that they will last for many years.


Lighting is a key consideration within interior design. Without good lighting, a room appears dull and uninviting. But, besides brightening a space, lighting can also be used to enhance key furnishings or create a design statement all of its own.

Well-considered lamps, pendant lights and sconces create an ambience in your home and influence your mood. Brightly lit rooms are airy and uplifting, whereas rooms cast in a dimmed soft warm glow are cosy and relaxing. 

Ethical Values

We endeavour to stock homewares that are ethically sourced and made with recycled, sustainable or degradable materials wherever possible.

Like wall decorations woven from strips of eco-friendly natural bamboo; cosy blankets sewn from recycled cotton velvet; and quirky geometric vases made from plant-based bioplastic. Even our feather-filled cushions and natural sheepskin rugs are manufactured using ethical practices.


The best rugs are functional, practical and stylish, whilst providing ultimate comfort underfoot. Rugs help to unify a space, creating harmony between your walls, floors, furniture and accessories. They give depth and character to your home, adding a final layer of texture that imbues rooms with warmth, luxury and cosiness. Rugs are an inexpensive option to revamp or disguise tired, unsightly flooring. They are also the perfect accessory to soften a hard stone, wood, tile, brick or concrete surface.

Independent Artisans

Monocrhome stylists handpick the best black, white and grey pieces from independent homeware brands in the UK and across Europe.

We’re not just a retailer. We’re an online boutique offering you the chance to support emerging and established designers, talented craftspeople, and inspirational artists, as well as award-winning manufacturers like Bloomingville, Hübsch, Aytm and Eightmood.


A stack of hardback books can transform a tabletop, bringing style and sophistication to your room décor. But remember, books are as much objet d’art as they are for reading...
The best books should spark your interest and pique your intellect - they should excite and inspire you! Relaxing with a coffee as you flick through the glossy pages opens you to a rich source of inspiration and practical advice from leading interior designers, architects, fashion gurus and photographers. 
The Monocrhome book collection brings you a library of must-read titles from renowned authors in fashion, interior design, DIY, home staging, lifestyle and photography; books for both reading and decorative display.

Speedy Delivery

We deliver all orders quickly via a reliable and trusted door-to-door courier service.

You’ll receive automated notifications via SMS text message at each stage of the process, from despatch through to final delivery.

Kitchen & Dining

Kitchens and dining rooms, whether separate or combined open plan, are multi-functional spaces to cook, eat, drink and enjoy socialising with your friends and family.

But modern dining is not only about what you serve, but also how you serve it.

Entertaining friends and family for Sunday lunch, celebrations, birthdays and dinner parties is an opportunity to ‘wow’ your guests, creating unforgettable moments for different occasions through your choice of crockery, table linen, serveware, cutlery and glasses.

No Hassle Returns

If you’re not 100% happy with your order, you can return it to us within 30 days post-purchase for a full refund. No questions asked.

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Artwork gives visual depth, interest and personality to transform the rooms of your home. Art can make a bold statement displayed proudly on a mantelpiece or above the bed in your master suite; or it can be more subtle, tucked into an alcove, acting as a decorative backdrop for other furnishings.

However it’s displayed, art has the power to inspire thoughts, memories and emotions. Monocrhome bring you a selection of thought-provoking paintings, prints, posters, tapestries and sculptures from independent artists and luxury homeware brands.

Customer Centric

Customers are the heart and soul of our small independent business.

We aim to provide you with a seamless shopping experience that includes an easy to navigate webshop, secure checkout, reliable tracked delivery, and friendly customer support via telephone, email and live web chat.